A Short Story: Persistance and Passion

Exactly two months ago, I was escorted into the HR managers office where I had a conversation with my boss and the VP of Human Resources at an advertising agency I was currently working for.

Before I got to the office, I already knew what the conversation was about as I was told to bring my work computer and jacket.

“Alex…” my boss started speaking with his hands fisted together under his chin, “effective immediately, we’re going to be terminating your employment.”

After nearly 30-minutes if continued conversation, I looked at my boss and said my last words, “I’m disappointed in you,” and was then escorted out of my office passing by friends and colleagues as they will soon find out that they will no longer be seeing me within the agency.

Immediately texting my close ones about the news, I went home and got on my computer. Although, this wasn’t to apply for another desk job where consisting of repetivw work with zero meaningfulness, but, instead, I was refurbishing my website, writing content and taking a deeper approach into molding my photography brand into a profitable business.

As most of my followers know, I have an immense passion for music, and, more today, metalcore music. I hit all social media channels to find local bands that I could potentially work with in the near future, and this was the start

Browsing Reddit forums and chat groups of Detroit and Michigan metalcore bands that were outside of my own knowledge, I came across Lansing-based Metal band, Of Virtue.

Shortly after discovering the Lansing band, I listened to their music and loved hearing what they were creating. I reached out after discovering an upcoming tour, and asked if they needed a photographer.

That brings me to this blog, as I’m currently sitting in the back of a van on the fourth day of 28 days of touring on our way to the east coast of the United States, and having the time of my life, getting paid and building my portfolio.

There is no easy way to get into the music industry as a creative, whether it’s with a local band that plays at the 50-capacity venue down the street, a group that is making noise in the industry or working for bands that sellout medium to large venues, everyone needs to start somewhere.

With that, I’m full of joy to not only work with a band that is as talented as Of Virtue, but help contribute to a Michigan group that is making loud waves in the rock community.

I’ll eventually have to find another job that puts me in a comfortable position financially, but until then, I’m going to continue to enjoy my time on the road with some of the best guys I’ve been around. Cherishing closed-width moments that are reminiscent of my memories in the Marine Corps.

Thank you for following my journey, live unfomfotable and always follow your passion.